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I love how touchy feely Olicity can be with each other even when it’s out of concern, comfort, or even just an inadvertant thing.  So I went through seasons 1 and 2 and tried to find every time they touched, either by sweeping of the arm, a tap, a hug, grabbing of the hand or carrying her.

I must add that next season I’d love to see Oliver cup Felicity’s face  or wipe some food off of her mouth or zip up an item of her clothing…but I digress.

I hope I didn’t miss any.  I put the episode numbers in the captions of the pictures if you click on them.

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Felicity + making Oliver smile in every episode (2.12)

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oliver and felicity + season two. [2/2]

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Because you know my name.

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Team Arrow 

You are not alone

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